I’m Not Your Little China Girl: An Open Letter to Men Who Have Hit On Me
RU Student Life

I see you have a few points, but a lot of them I think you are off on by a bit.

1, asian ex-girlfried. Like you said, I don’t know if those guys were looking for credit for “approved by name as suitable dating material for asian women” but by an large, unless specifically asked, guys should never bring up their exs. Unless asked or as explanation for current behavior. Example.. i used to get very depressed from Nov to Feb.because of a previous relationship and it wasn’t my girl friends fault and there was nothing she could do about it aside to be patient until it passed. I consider that only as fair warning and not wanting the girl to feel like she was letting me down.

2. Asian culture.. what kind of idiot would do that? I figure if an asian or black or indian or native americian girl wanted someone immersed in her culture, they would be with people of their own culture and not me.

3 Asking a girl of any culture about her private size is plain ignorant. The whole premise however is not to much based on asian girls having smaller private parts, but on average being smaller in general. Personally, I have never seen an asian girl over 5'1" so keeping everything in proportion smaller build = smaller parts, as a general rule, though not 100% such as how many kids the girl had or if she never had any. Which applies to all women.

Personally I tend to prefer smaller women. I look taller. LOL.. Ok seriously.. forgive me for sounding sexist, but Im old fashioned and have that cave man must protect tiny helpless woman gene. The TRUTH might be that tiny helpless woman is a MMA fighter and could kick my ass.. but as long as she makes me pick up spiders and put them outside “But don’t kill it!!!!!!” I’m a pretty happy dude. (I’m not that fond of spiders either, but I would swim in a pit full of black widows before letting my gf know that. )

4. Submissive? Passive? Obedient??? I could never marry a woman like that. It is cheaper just to wear 100 pounds of iron chain around my neck. On the other hand, I am older and more experienced, so in important matters if I put my foot down I expect that to be the last word and end of discussion. For example if you have 1 cat and want another cat, and we are in a small apartment, then no you are not getting another cat. For various reasons, but the main 1 would be smell. In other words if it came down to you having 1 cat or getting evicted… one cat is enough.

5. Race requirements? What you mean like jewish boys can only marry jewish girls or mother has a heart attack? Fact is, I like small, fine featured women. Now if you look out your window and look at asian women walking by, how would you describe the vast majority of the asian women you see? It isn’t your race, but more so the physical characteristics of your race. Which of course makes me greatly more likely to date a small fine featured asian woman than a large mannish russian one. ( See house mistress in any movie involving an all girl finishing school)

I also happen to prefer girls who are nicely tanned or look tanned OR girls who are milky white to the point of looking nearly transparent.. but thats just me.

and to sum up..

Really the ONLY cultural issue would be in meeting your parents. Tv and Films have us lil white guys terrified of asian fathers with 6 foot long swords who can cut the junk off a fly in mid air without killing it. We imagine row and rows of jars hidden in his basement filled with parts of suitors past.

Good article though.

Oh and getting back to the topic of ex girlfriends.. NEVER ask a guy “Is she prettier than me?” You may as well ask him who he loves more.. you or his mother. (Funny how women never seem to understand that. No woman will replace his mother, but no mother will ever replace his wife. Pretty simple really.)