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Michelle, I am right there with you. In the end, the education system is not responsible for my child, I am. I am a black man from Kansas. I grew up in the age of desegregation, the very school district that filed Brown v. Board of Education, and I am a product of desegregation. It was really hard at times, but I was taught (by my parents and others) that we live a world that is not right and certainly not fair. I have to fight harder, and instill that fight (self-determination) into my kids. I have a “special needs” child, (all children are really special needs children) but that does not lessen my responsibility, but strengthens it. I am preparing my children to take on that world and conquer it. I can tell you are a fighter. That is tremendous! Remember the enemy is apathy in our God-given roles as parents. God’s speed to you moving forward.