Water flows downhill. We all know this, and we all (implicitly) understand the idea. Water is flexible and subject to the forces of gravity. Terrain has high points and low points. Water follows the path of least resistance to reach its destination.

Water isn’t the only thing that behaves in this way. I think people behave in an identical fashion. Once the destination is determined and “terrain” is clearly visible, the path of least resistance becomes obvious. …

He’s a cockapoo puppy, and he’s no fool. You see, when I command him to “Come!”, he doesn’t always listen.

Biggy prefers to be inspired. When he sees me holding his multicolored bag of treats, we can expect enthusiastic compliance to most any command. He can picture his future self chewing on a delicious morsel.

Without the bag of treats, it’s hard to see the point. Why “come” when he can just “stay”?

Consider that this applies to humans, as well. Without a vision, we’re lost. If we can’t connect the dots between our present self and an exciting future, it’s hard to expect much out of man or his best friend.

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An entrepreneur’s first idea rarely pans out. It’s a stab in the dark, aimed in a direction that might hold opportunity. The market may be there, but it’s not being listened to. Entrepreneurs need to become market therapists to succeed.

A good therapist won’t go into a relationship assuming they know the client’s problems. Their hunches can inform where to dig in, but they never see the whole story at the beginning. It takes multiple sessions to get to the heart of the issue.

An entrepreneur starts with a good hunch. They have their idea, and they know generally where they need to focus. But they must listen to the market to fully understand its problems.

Entrepreneurs should never assume that they know the full scope of the problem going in. What is the market saying that others aren’t hearing?

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