It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Excellent and informative. Thank you! I am 64, white and grew up in the White Privilege America. I have always been troubled by the racist currents in America and the fact that having lived through to ‘Civil rights’ years I still see the enormous wave of racism still alive and working in America. The comments I read on social media in response to Black issues is many times ‘word for word’ the very things you describe here about the White cultural viewpoint and definition of people of color. To say I am saddened and distraught over this is an understatement. I know I grew up with ‘racist’ views but did not think myself a racist because my parents weren’t overtly threatening or violent towards people of color . Since we were not ‘violent’ or believed in violence toward people of color, we could live out our white privilege and racism free of guilt. It was easy to adopt an attitude of labeling every movement for ‘equality’ as the action of ‘Black agitators’ who just would never be happy in Free America. We felt safe using the ’N’ word in our home and jokes because since we would never ‘harm’ anyone physically , we were not racist. All I know is my heart is completely given to my brothers and sisters in the non-white community ( all of the non-white community) in these last years of my life. I will not say ‘I am not racist’ as that leads to blindness withinmyself.. I always say, “there is racism bred in me..I will stay vigilant to find it within myself and to cut it out of my thoughts and actions wherever i find it.”

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