Heating and Air San Antonio Needs Professional Servicing

Heating and air San Antonio is something that you need to be concerned about when the summers or winters are on the way. Before the start of the season, it is good to get the HVAC systems serviced so all in the family can stay comfy indoors.
HVAC units have the moving parts that take the wear and tear and can also break down. Regular maintenance gives any unit a longer life. Many AC repair situations can be prevented by simply taking out the old filters, cleaning the ducts and getting the furnace checked on a regular basis.
When the AC is not running, first check the power supply. Look for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. Also, check to see if the AC is plugged in or not. Get the thermostat and set it to a few degrees lower to see if that gets the unit running or not. If it still does not run, it could be your compressor or the motor that is the problem. You have to call on an HVAC service professional to fix the heating and air San Antonio.

If you think the unit is not giving you good cooling, try lowering the thermostat to a few degrees and if it still does not cool any better then you have to clean the evaporator. If still, you find no difference in cooling than you may need another unit for your house. All air conditioners are designed to serve a specific footage. If your house is bigger than the capacity of the air conditioner you have to get a replacement. It is wise to have a professional check out the house so they can advise the tonnage that suits you best. Some days are hotter than the others and if it is 50 degrees Celsius outdoors the air conditioner may not cool as well as it does when the temperature is 37 degrees Celsius.

When the evaporator and the condenser are dirty the unit may shut off on its own. This is not a serious problem and all you have to do is get it cleaned. If the problems persist after cleaning the evaporator and the condenser, it is advisable to call a technician to troubleshoot and fix the heating and air San Antonio.
Besides calling the professionals for repairs you also need to call them for regular maintenance. Having clean ducts mean your family will not have respiratory problems and you will not pay high energy bills. Poor ductwork is also known to cause significant problems with AC units. When you replace worn parts on time you can save the unit from breaking down. The technicians can spot the small issues before they become big ones.
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