My offer to the party I owe everything to

A criticism of Jeremy Corbyn and his recent membership surge is that they are predominantly keyboard activists, people who sign up and give money but stop there. It is still accepted that in order to win elections you need members to go knocking on doors in their droves. As a software designer I know that I have more potential to help the Labour Party from behind by desk than in the streets.

I have spent the last two years of my career working on an online democracy project called PlaceAVote. With American friends I met online our goal was to run members of the public in California for congress with the promise of anyone who was elected would mirror the vote of his district on PlaceAVote, in congress. Sadly, like almost all startups we ran out of money and despite our website and app all being complete and growing at a really promising rate, the project looks like it will go no further.

But, with minor adjustments, our secure voting platform could be made into the app that democratises the Labour Party forever. A simple app and website that any Labour Party member (or even member of the public) could install and act as the official line of public opinion available to everyone. When the party needs to know how the public feels on a policy idea they can turn to the Labour Party app to know exactly how every constituency feels.

I’m not advocating mob rule, we elected a leader for a reason. But our leaders should know, accurately and concisely how their public feel on every bill, every issue and every MP at all times. Not relying on outdating polling that has shown itself up to be wrong on so many momentous recent occasions and putting into action the bold wolds Jeremy Corbyn is using about democracy in the Labour Party.

My MP, Helen Goodman is supporting Owen Smith in the upcoming leadership campaign. In light of Mr Corbyns request for a kinder politics I reach out to Mrs Goodman and ask her, or anyone in the Labour Party to talk to me about the software I have, and how we could use it to create not only the largest, but also the most democratic social movement in the world!

I was always told by my mother that New Labour was instrumental in keeping us in our own home during a messy divorce while she worked two, and often three jobs. For that, I will always be grateful.

The only reason I can offer my services today is because of what Labour did for me as a child. Please share this message and help me start a conversation with the party.

Thanks for reading