Esther 10 Esther Wrap-up. 6/12/16

This week we conclude our study through the book of Esther and we want to hear from you. There will be a short season in this Sunday’s services when you will have the opportunity to share with the GBC family.

We will be using 2 Timothy 3:16- “All Scripture is God-breathed, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness so that the man [or woman] of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” as a template in the following ways:

How has Esther…

1- Taught you…How or in what way(s) has it instructed you deeper in your understanding of Christian truth?

2- Rebuked you…How or in what way(s) has it brought you up short, convicting you of something that you needed to make right in your life?

3- Corrected you…How or in what way(s) has it changed your thinking or altered a behavior?

4- Trained you…How or in what way(s) has it built you up, prepared you for your week, month, or some particular challenge to come?

OR, maybe you’ve just been encouraged- please share!

Monday- READ- Psalm 19

How does the witness of creation move the writer to reflect on God’s Word? How does this open his heart to the LORD’s work in his life in verses 13 &14? Has your study of Esther given you a love for God’s Word and a desire to be changed by it?

Tuesday- READ- Psalm 119:97–104

How does love for God’s Word profoundly affect the writer in ways he can only marvel at? How does this change his behavior? Have you ever been this moved by reading and studying God’s Word?

Wednesday- READ- Hebrews 4:12

How is this verse an encouragement to the growing believer, yet a warning to the nominal Christian? Where do you need to allow God’s Word to penetrate your life? Is there a regular practice of Bible reading and/or study in your life?

Thursday- READ- John 6:63

God’s Word (including Esther) is life- Jesus makes this claim of His own teaching, but doctrinally we can make this connection to all of God’s Word- that it is life-giving. We’ve worked our way through Esther and we’ve repeatedly seen that the Gospel, and the theme of deliverance (life) for God’s people is there all along. How has this encouraged you in your walk with Christ?

Friday- READ- Esther 4:13–14

These two verse, as we’ve stated several times are not only the most well-known of Esther, they’re the nexus of Christian application from the Esther story. What has been/is your “for such a time as this” moment?

Saturday- READ- 2 Timothy 3:16

We have clearly seen the truth of this verse, that “All Scripture is God breathed and is profitable” in our study of Esther, in spite of the fact that the book makes no mention of God by name! Use the framework referenced above to meditate on the ten Sundays through Esther. Write down the ways that God has been working in your heart and prayerfully consider sharing tomorrow morning.

Sunday- READ- Esther 10:1–3

What strikes you most about this short, abrupt ending to this book? What would be the takeaway, in your mind from this brief wrap-up? As you prepare for worship this morning, how can your heart and life be open to God using you as He used Mordecai, as He used Esther? What people group might need us to “work for their good”?

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