Esther 4 “Persuaded” 4/24/16

Esther 4 is the account of the response of Mordecai and the Jews’ to Haman’s edict of their destruction, as well as Mordecai’s persuasion of an initially reluctant Queen Esther to intervene due to the risk to her life personally. Within these verse we can draw great insights to the depth of relationship between Mordecai and Esther. More importantly, we see ourselves in Esther’s hesitation to risk her life for others- we are challenged to truly live out the implications of a completely Sovereign God, and in Esther’s hesitations, Christ’s singleminded obedience to the Father’s will in going to the Cross of Calvary is inferred, revealed, and highlighted.

Monday- READ- Esther 4:1–3

Mordecai’s mourning was indicative (as seen in verse three) of the response of all of the Jews of grief but also repentance. What in our society moves you to mourning? How do our prayers for a corrupt world also double as opportunities for personal repentance?

Tuesday- READ- Esther 4:4–5

Esther is apparently unaware of the fate cast upon her people. Besides ignorance, what emotion do you think she is reacting with: Embarrassment? Concern for Mordecai’s safety? Confusion? Have the behaviors of outspoken Christians ever caused you to have the same emotions?

Wednesday- READ- Esther 4:6–8

Mordecai pleads for Esther to intervene, inferring her access to the King, yet to this point he had been very clear that she should not reveal her heritage or family. How does God want us to engage our faith in the public sector? Have you ever had an opportunity to speak of eternal truths because of a position that God had put you in?

Thursday- READ- Esther 4:9–11

Esther tells Mordecai of her plight in a demonstration of sheer humanity and self-preservation- not unlike how we would probably respond. Have you ever missed an opportunity to share the Gospel- what regrets to you have? Have you ever walked through one of those doors of opportunity? What was the result?

Friday- READ- Esther 4:12–14

Mordecai’s gentle rebuke and global perspective is timely and laden with godly wisdom. It seems as if Mordecai has been able to see the long view all along. Who in your life has a more mature relationship with the Lord than you and has permission to bring you up short when perhaps you’re tunnel visioned?

Saturday- READ- Esther 4:12–14

The Sovereignty of God is the theme of Esther as we’ve noted. Perhaps nowhere more obvious than in Mordecai’s words here. How do you take encouragement from his words for our time and our world?

Sunday- READ- Esther 4:15–17

Esther’s request and resolve is ultimately to surrender and call her people to solidarity and surrender as well. Who is on your prayer team? As you prepare for worship today resolve to not just sing His praises and speak of His work in your life within the four walls of our church on Sunday, but throughout your world and week as well.

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