GBC Year-in-review 2017

The following Scriptures have been selected with meditation and reflection in mind. As you think through your year, and as we think through all that has transpired at GBC this year, use these verses to give Him thanks and to seek Him in the coming year.

Monday- READ- Psalm 119:57–64 Consider

The New Year is a great time to take self-inventory, or in the words of the Palmist, to “consider our ways”. Read these verses again…May this be a year where we turn our steps toward Him as the Palmist reflexively articulates for us.

Tuesday- READ- 1 Timothy 4:11–16 Conduct

While written to the young Timothy, these words are not limited to younger believers only. Paul challenges each one of us to not only live moral lives, but to live exemplary lives, and to self-judge our lives. How do you evaluate your walk with Christ in 2017? Where can you grow? What goals of spiritual growth do you have for the new year?

Wednesday- READ- Col. 1:24–29 Maturing

Paul talks of his own sufferings as worth it for the sake of proclaiming the mystery of God in Christ, that he might see believers mature in Jesus. What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to see others come to faith in Christ, or mature in Him? What about your time? Use of your skills and abilities? Spiritual gifts?

Thursday- READ- Isaiah 43:19 Something New

The theme of our RENEW campaign, this great verse shouldn’t be pigeon-holed to one preaching series. In the Gospel, God wants to renew us, renew families, and renew communities. What new things might the Lord want to do in your life in 2018? How can you partner with God in what He’s doing in your life through the practices and disciplines of: Bible reading? Prayer? Fasting? Accountability? Worship? Fellowship? Other?

Friday- READ- Psalm 14:1


As a bit of a sneak-peak, this verse will serve as the theme for our Easter considerations in 2018. When we hear the word “fool” we think almost of a silly person, however, in the Bible a fool is someone who knows the truth, but chooses to ignore it, and act contrary to it. The second half of this verse will come alive when considering this biblical definition. Where are you in reference to the Bible’s assertions about who God is? Who Jesus is?

Saturday- READ- Philippians 4:4–7 Prayer and Petition

The vehicle to finding peace in all that the year brings to us is prayer. In prayer we have a constant and sure place to bring our points of both rejoicing, and our complaints. In prayer God resolves our heart in His Sovereignty and His goodness, no matter our circumstances — and He gives us His peace. What is causing you to be anxious? Carve out some time today to get on your knees and bring your cares and concerns to Him!

Sunday- READ- 2 Peter 1:3–8

Effective and Productive

Both Paul and Peter wanted to see bold, mature, and effective believers in Jesus in both the Jewish and Gentile churches. So too today, the goal is not just to see believers made, but also grown. Believing in Jesus is about redemption, meaning bought back, but we are bought back for a purpose, to be used of God (Eph.2:8–10). How can you embody the process illustrated here in 2 Peter 1 and be more effective and productive for Christ’s Kingdom this year?

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