Matthew 28 “He has risen, just as He said”

Matthew 28 not only concludes our study of the Gospel of Matthew begun last July, but also brings us to the Resurrection and the Great Commission on Easter Sunday! May these devotional meditations help you to prepare anew to Worship Jesus the King on this resurrection Sunday!

Gospel Harmony- Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20

Companion passage- 1 Corinthians 15:12–19

Monday- READ- Matthew 28:1–4

Imagine the scene. While the other Gospels help us to understand that the women wanted to further embalm Jesus’ Body as an act of devotion and love, clearly Matthew just wants us to understand the splendor of the moment. How have you approached Jesus death this week?

Tuesday- READ- Matthew 28:5–7

The angel both restates Jesus’ prediction, as well as invites them to see that He is alive- He then immediately exhorts them to go and tell what they have seen. In your journey of faith in Christ, when did you “see” that Jesus was alive? Who in your life needs to hear these words and consider Jesus’ resurrection?

Wednesday- READ- Matthew 28:8–10

The women hurried away and then “suddenly Jesus met them”. So too in our fear, in our joy- no matter our state- Jesus meets us. How has He met you this week, this month?

Thursday- READ- Matthew 28:11–15

The “stolen body” theory is one of several theories attempting to account for Jesus’ missing body. What evidence do you know of for Jesus’ literal, historical, physical resurrection? How does the resurrection make or break the entire Christian faith?

Friday- READ- 1 Corinthians 15:12–19

Building on yesterday’s thought. How do Paul’s words here make the resurrection the cornerstone of faith in Christ? How can you bolster your understanding and defense for the resurrection? What participation does God call us to if in fact Jesus did indeed rise from the dead?

Saturday- READ- Matthew 28:16–17

“…they worshipped Him, but some doubted.” What are your doubts? Bring them to God in prayer. How do fear of God and worship work together? (see Psalm 96) How can our reverent worship of King Jesus be a testimony to “all nations”?

Sunday- READ- Matthew 28:18–20

Jesus says- “All authority… has been given to me… and surely I am with you always…” and in between these two profound statements He commissions us you and me to be His messengers, His disciple-makers to the World. How does Jesus’ choosing of you for His mission move you to worship this Easter morning?

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