RENEW Week 3 Devotions

Written by Dave Mewha

Have you felt it? Are we in tune to what God is doing? What is it that we are to perceive? The focus this week is on each of us individually and our part in what God is doing.


Psalm 63:2–5

Have you seen God and known this kind of satisfaction in your life here at GBC? How can you glorify and praise Him in your commitment to this process and project? How is the LORD leading you to invest in RENEW?


Romans 12: 1–2

God wants all of us, as “living sacrifices”. God calls for the “renewing of your mind”. This is the heart of the “RENEW” campaign.


Malachi 3:8–10

How do we rob God? We are encouraged to test God in this one area. If we do so, what is the Lord’s promise? Why are we still resistant to giving God His due?


Exodus 35: 4–5 and 20–29

To build the Tabernacle, Moses asked “everyone who was willing” to bring their gifts. The Israelites responded, remembering what God had done for them.


1 Chronicles 29: 14

King David, after charging his son Solomon to build the Temple and contributes much of his vast wealth to the project states, “Everything comes from God”. Can we outgive God?


Acts 4: 32–35 and 5: 1–11

Believers in the early church shared their wealth. The Ananias and Sapphira account emphasizes the point to take seriously what we have committed to God. This commitment goes beyond finances but to our whole life.


2 Corinthians 8: 1–4 and 9: 6–7

This is an example of the Macedonia church who “gave as much as they were able, and even beyond there ability, entirely on their own” for the “privilege of sharing in this service”. The second portions provide another promise from God that generosity will result in blessing. “God loves a cheerful giver”, not one who gives “reluctantly or under compulsion.”

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