Thank you for your continued support, Gary!
Molly S. Hill

Molly, at the very great risk of insulting you, which I certainly do not want to do, I have known a number of very beautiful women in my life, some of which I had no business being with, but their constant complaint was twofold; one, other women, let’s say a little less glamorous, hated them because they were so jealous and, two, men rarely approached them thinking they would automatically be turned down. Again, I don’t mean to insult, but your previous photo, as nice as it was, was, dare I say, a little normal or average. I remember being surprised by it because you were the proverbial girl next door as a young blonde. Now that you have updated your photo you’re a killer who no doubt could eat men for breakfast. I know that it’s a backhanded compliment but you are now far more intimidating. You got it. Use it. lol

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