Auto-tune Culture And How It Has Ruined The Music Industry


Auto-Tune, the revolutionary invention of recent times, it’s saved many an artist from complete vocal embarrassment and dubbed the worst performers “talented.” This is until, they begin to sing live, of course.

Being one of the dying breed of ACTUAL musicians who don’t use auto-tune to create their stardom, my opinion on it’s use is VERY strong. To be honest, I think using auto-tune is so disrespectful to the artists who can actually sing, and it’s also disrespectful to the unsigned talent that put hours and hours of work into their music, just to be ignored by industry brass in favour of an artist who has no talent whatsoever. It makes me sick to the core knowing that I have friends that have more talent in their little fingers than most of the “stars” do, yet they’re still having to post covers on Youtube and release their singles/albums on a tiny budget and get limited success.

Let’s be frank for a second and cut the bullshit. Today’s music industry is more focused on wether an artist has sex appeal, that classic line “sex sells” has never been more true. So true in fact, that as long as you’ve either got big boobs or a six pack, it doesn’t matter if you can sing or not, because they’ll just auto-tune your stuff and you can mime your set when live.

What’s happened to the authenticity of this industry? I’ll tell you what, it’s died along with the many great artists we’ve lost in recent years, and I’ll bet my career that they’re turning in their graves, I know I would be! Don’t get me wrong, there are some brilliant modern artists that can sing up a storm without the aid of auto-tune but the majority of today’s stars are sounding more robot-like than human, and that is what makes me so angry.

Not only that, but many artists actually have the audacity to deny using auto-tune. This one really makes me laugh because it’s so blatant a deaf person could spot it! (before anyone gets offended, it’s sarcasm, obviously) The point I’m trying to make is this, if famous muso’s are going to use it, they may as well face up to the fact that they can’t sing and either admit to their shortfalls and face the backlash, or quit, because they don’t deserve any of the music awards they’ve received throughout their career of lies.

I’m going to wrap this article up with a huge, heartfelt, tearful plea to the music industry to just wake up! Open their eyes and realise what this apparent “revolution” is doing to what was one of the greatest industries in the world. Just stop using technology, ditch all the talentless dead-weight, stop being concerned about an artist’s “sex appeal” and within a few years, you’ll have some of the most (genuinely) talented musicians at your beck and call, therefore, you’ll have a crazy amount of money! It’s a win win, so please, for crying out loud, wake up and act before this industry becomes an even bigger shit-pit than it already is.

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