Reputation Is Everything (Trust Me)

Reputation, that’s is bound to be a word that everyone has heard at some point in their lives, you’ve surely had people preaching to you about how it matters. Trust me, it’s true, so so true, and now I’m going to show you why.

I’ve been playing the Piano for 14 years and I’ve had various positions are keys player in various bands. However, my career has only kicked off seriously in the last year or two, this is because I’ve been putting myself out there and building my REPUTATION (there it is again) as a musician/composer/performer and what have you.

My reputation has allowed me to delve into various areas of the music industry throughout my year or two of growth, one of the most recent areas I’ve managed to break in to, is teaching. It is weird, I must admit, to be sitting in “the other chair” so to speak, but it is also very rewarding and fulfilling too!

I got my first student through my reputation as a Pianist and musician. I received a recommendation from one of my college classmates, Ryaan. I got the recommendation due to the fact that a family friend’s son wanted to develop his Piano ability and learn new things about his craft. The reason I was the person Ryaan first thought of to be suited to this job was because he has seen me perform on stage before, and he has also worked with me and also witnessed me work with other people. This meant that he knew for a fact that I was perfect for this job of teaching this young lad.

See? reputation! I go into college or any other musical environment with the mindset of showing the people within that environment what I can do musically and also what I am like as a person. In other words, I am building my reputation among my peers everyday, giving them more and more of a reason to recommend me for work.

This is what YOU need to do also. Okay, it may be near impossible to show someone what you’re capable of, in person, everyday or thereabouts. This is where the internet and social media comes into play! If you shoot videos or your song covers, gigs and whatnot and post them onto Youtube, if you write informative, helpful articles and post them onto a blog, if you engage with your followers on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc, then you are also building your reputation. As long as you have a presence somewhere, have a solid body of work for people to research and look at, that is high standard and consistent, you are building your reputation!

No matter what field of work you are in, reputation and building that reputation is ESSENTIAL for you to build a client base and get yourself work! It isn’t all that hard either. I know it sounds super complicated to some, so let me break it down into small steps for you below:

1. Get yourself out there!

Go to gigs, meet-ups, networking events, open mics. SHOW the audience what you can do! Introduce yourself to as many people as possible, give them your card, make sure they remember your name!

2. Build a solid, high standard portfolio!

What good is handing out your business card going to do if you have nowhere for the recipient to view more about you and your work? Building a simple website with everything about you and some samples of your work is so important in todays market! If you’re struggling to find somewhere to start, I suggest Weebly, the service it’s self is free and there are some brilliant templates for you to use to get started. If you’re a musician, would also recommend Soundcloud, it’s a brilliant for storing your songs for people to listen to.

3. Social Media!!

Again, an integral part to building that reputation these days! Having a social media presence on all the major sites like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, can go a long way towards showing people how talented you are and can lead to exceptional opportunities if viewed and noticed by the right sort of people. One key thing to social media working for your reputation though, is to ENGAGE! Nobody wants to feel like they’re talking to a robot!

And lastly!

4. Follow Up!

So you’ve gone out and made yourself known in both the real and online communities, you’re getting emails and phone calls left, right and centre, well done! Now what? Possibly the most important part to all of your hard work, FOLLOW UP! Reply to everything that comes your way, and grab every opportunity by the short and curly’s! You never know what might come of it!

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