Black Wealth Matters

It strikes me as odd that the dialogue about African-Americans being disadvantaged in our society involves a plethora of reasons and rationalizations. I believe it would be a great deal more expedient and to the point to focus on just one thing: money. I believe that the only thing that we as a society should be concerned about is making sure that Black Americans are more economically stable. This is fundamentally why black wealth matters.

It is apparent that there are many correlations between wealth and socio-economic circumstances. We often tend to discuss reforms in policing, government, prison policies, but often leave out the real issue which is that blacks are largely without economic means. We should push entrepreneurship and wealth creation on blacks like it’s the new fashionable thing to do. In fact, it is the fashionable thing to do. This is something that no one can really argue against. Why not just open up accelerators, teach skills that have economic viability, provide mentors and fund black lead/ran enterprises or start ups. One Black led and ran Google could do more for the black community than all the protesting and government reform that can happen in one lifetime. If black people have money, they can resolve many of the issues they face themselves. In fact, many of the issues they face wouldn’t exist if it were not for their lack of economic resources. Why is there so much crime in heavily populated black areas? Money. Why their public schools are poorly resourced? Money. Why are cops involved in situations with blacks? Money. This may sound simplistic, but I am certain that all of these problems would resolve themselves if black were more economically stable. We have a trillion dollar economy. There are all sorts of opportunities for wealth creation in our society, but for some reason we seem to believe that these opportunities are not available to blacks. Why not? Does it take a college degree to learn word press, coding, graphic design, photography, carpentry, gardening, 3d printing, drawing, TV production, or write music? There countless ways to make money that does not require large amounts of capital.

We always preach that our society is a knowledge based economy. Is there knowledge of creating wealth? I doubt that anyone would say we do not understand how wealth is created in our society. Let’s take the additional step and empower black Americans with the tools to create wealth. I am sure that one class on how to make a successful kick starter campaign would be far more interesting than any class being provided in their local schools. If we create the infrastructure for black wealth creation, I am sure that we will be able to solve many of the race problems in our society in one struck. Doing so would save us so much time, resources and pain. We should at least be open to attempt to try this and see if it yields any results. I imagine that the results will surprise us all.