You have heavily inferred here — as others often have— that simply because an organization is not…
Robbie Burleson

Your response, Mr. Burleson, has little to do with what I have written, but that’s not surprising. I don’t infer anything, my statements are based on 40+ years of university teaching and research. College isn’t for some, but if a student comes to learn, keeps their mind open, and is willing to work…they will have the experience of a lifetime. If it takes four years of grinding for you to get through then you probably shouldn’t be there. Fine, just don’t overextrapolate and assume that everyone is the bad and apparently lazy student that Mr. Altucher was. And as for your assertion that college is “deeply flawed” what evidence do you have to support that statement? And how in the world did you come up with the opinion that non-college graduates earn more than college graduates. All the data and analyses prove you wrong. Finally, you second Mr. Altucher’s claim that no one will ask you if you have a college degree when you go looking for a job. That is pure fantasy. Do you think that teachers aren’t asked if they have a degree, or government employees, or name anything outside of IT that could even remotely qualify as a profession? And no a university education is not a technical degree, it is four years of learning about everything from Minoan pottery, to genomics to the philosophy of the Sophists….at least if you chose it to be.