All You Need To Know About Intorq

Intorq is a known brand in the industrial world that are known for their high quality and standards. When it comes to brake solutions they have definitely made a name for themselves in the best way possible. Brake solutions are not all they do, they are constantly and consistently paving the way of innovation in cranes, lift systems, and wind turbines as well. They really do have a diverse range of products that are known for their reliability and ability to deliver. Their products are known and used all over the world in motors and geared motors alike. They have set standards across the globe and have more than one facility. You can find their facilities in Pune, Atlanta, and even Shanghai, this is a list that is surely only going to expand. If you want to read more about Intorq and what they have to offer then keep on reading. Lets first look at some of the products that Intorq have to offer.

  • Spring applied brakes — This technology is used in so many industries across the world, it is versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any need. Some of the applications for this product include being used in cranes, wood working machines, stage machinery, escalators, brake motors, warehousing, industrial trucks, and vehicles for the disabled.
  • Speed sensors — You would apply this technology when you need to detect the speed and direction of rotation in brake motors. It has been used to replace the sensor bearings that you can find in industrial trucks as it is more advanced, accurate, and efficient.
  • Clutches and brakes — For those of you who do not know how these work they are placed there to control the speed of a lower level drive. What makes Intorq stand out, however, is their products quick operating times, torque transfer with no backlash and low motor moment of inertia.
  • Wind turbines — We all know just how in demand wind turbines have been these last couple of years. It all comes down to who can offer something more than the standard and Intorq have included some special features. Their features include long maintenance intervals, tight braking torque tolerances, and their excellent resistance to climate conditions.
  • Lift brakes — Safety should always be the main concern when it comes to light brakes. Each braking system from Intorq can be precisely matched to your needs. There are many options you can choose from to ensure that your lift brakes are safe.
  • Brake systems for industrial trucks — What sets these brakes apart is their ability to stop quickly in an emergency. Intorq is sought after because they have a brake for every application you could possibly think of, they can also hold high levels of torque and they don’t need constant maintenance.

To sum up Intorq as a company their main product is electromagnetic brakes and clutches, but they offer a whole lot more. They bring in 51 million euros per year in sales volume which comes to about 800,000 units per year. Their products are developed and produced in Aerzen while they have companies in Pune, Atlanta, and Shanghai. They are no doubt one of the most innovative and trusted companies worldwide.