There is zero reason to think that a tech company can create content better than anyone else
Google’s $350 Billion Haircut
Rick Webb

Yet that is exactly what Netflix is demontrating. They are slicing and dicing audience data and watching habits to inform what new combination of genres may work in new shows/movies.

Shows like Stranger Things seems to be the result of this data driven approach native to tech. Is it a horror show? A teenage drama show? 80s (?) nostagia? It’s all of them! Could traditional script writing have come up with this combination? Of course it can. Just as Go champions have beaten computers, until AlphaGo came along. Now the latest version of AlphaGo is beating its own old version from 2015 with exceeding efficiency.

I like your writing and I agree that Google as a stock is overpriced with how ad driven it is, and how much it’s core search business have stalled in disruptive innovation. Facebook however is fine as it’s growing like weed still (50%+ profit growth yoy) while Google have slowed. Just don’t overlook the power of data and AI pattern recognition and inferencing, even in things as traditional and “boring” as content creation.

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