Letter to my socialist MP who recently declared their support for Owen Smith
Russ Jackson

Russ, this articulates the very depth of my support for our Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. New Labour is dead, in spite of those backbenchers that are proving the theory of insanity, where you continue to do the same, over and over, with the same or worse from Election failures, but still hold onto an assured win for the Tories.

If you need to look at the problems Labour has faced, just look at the General Elections of 2010 and 2015. New Labour is losing votes because of this inability to realise that an additional 500,000+ Labour Memberships have allowed those with more compassion, intellect, and reason to end this proven failure called “Austerity” budgets. The Lib-Dems paid dearly for this folly, and if we continue to watch those devotees of New Labour we will follow the Lib-Dems into complete annihilation of our Party, with UKIP potentially taking away the disenfranchised and bitter Tory and New Labour MPs, with a potential to become the largest Party in Westminster. I do not want to lose a progressive voice in the House of Commons, as they are proving that we need to tear away from walking to our own political death.

For the sake of the United Kingdom and her people end this publicly stubborn preference to see our lives destroyed by a Government that has a 100+ seat majority, which brings little help for us until the next General Elections. Fight against Austerity, because I am tell you that this is tearing my life apart, where choices are made between feeding myself or my two cats. My cats are saving me through my disability that has severe impairment and little research in order to treat its symptoms (Chorea-acanthocytosis). I have been socially rejected and shown hostility by a growing number of people that discriminate against the Disabled. The Referendum increased those that chose to leave, with encouragement by programmes on the telly that fortifies the Lie that we are all just shirkers.

This is difficult for me and others to contend with this prejudice made by others. There is no joy knowing that I am surrendering my health, with daily bouts of narcolepsy and non-epileptic seizures and the need for Carers to help with maintaining my life with as little assistance as possible in order to maintain a glimmer of pride and attempts to be as independent as possible.

Russ, I have dealt with threats, I’ve been spat on, and called every pejorative used by those that are Disablist in nature. The numbers have increased their tacit approval by those that hate me for nothing that I can change. I’m treated no better by most of the LGBTQI Community, as they are just as encouraged to act in an shame-riddled ‘disappearance’ with those that I thought were mates. I am alone, doing my best to make my home a place of refuge from the stares and comments that cut deeply, even with my thick skin.

I spent my time and voted electronically for the NEC Elections, and I am looking forward to voting for the Party Leader. My MP is regrettably Tory, but I know my local constituency contact. would you allow me to use this letter to give to her, please? The choices made since the Election of Jeremy Corbyn to lead our Party has lost many opportunities to rise above the Tory low bar. We have been tolerating these childish needs for this divisive, negative, and far too public backstabbing at our Shadow Party Leader and our Party. We have far too much at risk, and the Disabled are always hit the hardest. I am desperately seeking a way to save us from further despair and tearing the Party apart by those that want to forget about the Principles of the Labour Party.

This was what the Tories do to us, so we should expect a “thank you” card from Theresa May for ignoring the corruption, the Panama Papers, the Court Cases, and the criminal investigations that will continue to be revealed regarding the Election Fraud with the EU Referendum. The proof of it has been obvious with more to come, yet some within our Party have decided that it was better for their egos to focus on Jeremy Corbyn instead of the Tories.