Sick of being a coffee addict? How we changed our habits at the office (and became healthier than ever before)

As young and hard working people, we are all day driven by the idea of creating the best lives for ourselves. Yet, we often neglect to take care of our most valuable asset, our bodies. We know we should move more, cut back on coffee, exercise more, cook more, eat better food…

But for some reason, we fail to do all of these things consistently…

Four months ago, we started making a small change that completely shifted the way we perceive our bodies.

But before I tell you what the change was, I want to tell you a little more about us. Hopefully, you’ll relate to our story.

Our Story

Four years ago, two of us created and sold a website for the shop around the corner. Today our agency has four people, we have an beautiful office in the center of Brussels in Belgium and we have amazing clients.

Although we are driven by the idea that we can always do better, we are proud of the progress we’ve made and confident about where we’re going.

Since this day, we’ve been obsessed by the idea of always making small improvements in our habits that would improve the quality of our lives and work. We are always trying new things to see if they positively impact our lives.

But our biggest breakthrough was when one of us brought this thing at the office one morning:

Do yourself a favor to get one of these

So what was the small change that we did that completely changed the way we think of our health? You guessed it. We started juicing fruits and vegetables EVERY DAY of the week.

The things you own end up owning you

— Fight Club


At first, we didn’t think much of it. It was just a new excuse to take a break in the day, to do something fun.

Soon enough, this machine was literally owning us. It became a daily ritual to interrupt our day to go make juice. Not only was it fun but it gave us a boost of energy.

But the best part about juicing, is the psychological effect it has on you.

After drinking a juice (which is delicious by the way), there is no freaking way that you are going to fill yourself up with disgusting, greasy, processed food.

Juicing creates positive momentum in your habits.

I mean, do you remember the last time you went at the gym? I’m sure you didn’t go home to a microwaved pizza, did you?

Well that’s what juicing does for you!

It helps you build positive and healthy habits with the smallest investment of your time and energy.

So next time you want to avoid eating pizza, do something that will put you in the right state. You could do that by running 2 hours on a treadmill, or better yet…

…you could make yourself a juice.


Now, here is a catch.

Juicing only has lasting benefits on you if you do it consistently.

We quickly found out that we ran into 3 problems that broke our momentum:

  1. It is hard to know what new recipes to make (new ideas everyday)
  2. We never had the right ingredients when we found an exciting recipe
  3. We didn’t have a clear goal, which made consistency a pain

Naturally, we built something to help us create our habit of a healthy lifestyle with juicing.

We created an app called Vesta.

My ask to you is simple.

We are looking for a limited amount of people (100 maximum) who would be excited about using our app and regularly share with us the impact it is having on their lives.

If you are excited about building the habit of drinking juice to feel better, energized and less tired, we would love to invite you to test our app for free.

Download the app now here

Have a beautiful day!

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