Introducing the Ric Rac Equestrian Club NFT Collection (and the “Open-Horse” Model)

6 min readMay 9, 2022



The Ric Rac Equestrian Club

The Ric Rac Equestrian Club refers to the community of those who choose to come and spend time in our discord contributing, memeing, or just being a fren. Within the community, those who own a Ric Rac NFT have the added ability to flex by showing it off and it will grant them elite access a holder-only channel where they decide the fate of the Club.

As new Otherside SDK capabilities are deployed by Yuga Labs, the founders will be building an amazing Metaverse Equestrian Club that will be open to all (not just holders) in order to have the largest, community possible. Because the Otherside will be a decentralized Metaverse where the users ultimately dictate how it gets built, we aim to make the Ric Rac Equestrian Club a positive influence on the Otherside and how it gets built. And we have some serious horsepower in Geck.eth to do this! We aim to produce tools, tutorials, alpha, actual code and assets for this platform via Open-Horse to become thought leaders on the Otherside platform!

The artwork of the collection is made from the synergetic forces of contemporary artist and founder, Mathias Herkenhoff collaborating with Geth.eth. Mathias got the idea for the art while riding Ric Rac (a real retired show horse! see lineage).

Geth.eth used his proprietary world class tech to enhance Mathias’s art in some parts of the collection showcasing our amazing tech and adding to the fun!

Geth.eth’s Background

As a full time Degen working behind the scenes coding many top NFT collections, Geth.eth has learned the same lesson as in the more than 2 decades prior to that serving as thought leader in the IT world. That lesson remains the same: Invest in yourself. The best investment he ever made was the tuition for a Computer Science education up through a Masters degree which gave his technical capabilities and curiosity a rocket ship boost so that he could bring to life his creative visions.

His goal as a builder has been to design Metaverses even as a child when he imagined a Lawnmower Man scenario to someday build. He went all in on VR in 2016 but quickly realized that it had limited commercialization. I then spent several years developing AI that produced creative content (art, music, text, etc.), but was frustrated that digital assets were so hard to sell!

In January 2021, I finally found in NFTs the promised land of digital asset commercialization. I became a full time NFT developer in the summer of 2021 quitting my safe job as a Technical Architect at a multi-billion dollar company. I became a trusted vendor for collections to generate their art layers into a final bundle of metadata with balanced traits while also making sure that the vision of the stakeholders was executed flawlessly and in an incredibly short window of time (sometime days and even hours). But NFTs also brought me back to when I was just starting out in the late 90s, when I was more heavily involved in game development when creative needs were met in such a satisfying way.

Having done well enough to pay the bills for a while and having obtained by own collection of mostly Yuga Labs Ape NFTs and Otherside plots, I now see tremendous opportunity in shifting focus to Otherside Development. And I want to take the entire Ric Rac community with me via Open-Horse and Web 3! The end goal is to share what I know and learn on the platform with everyone (holders and non-holders alike) and to build a community of artists, degens, gamers and builders where the community ultimately is primarily in control. And we plan on building some really cool stuff! Geth.eth is at the perfect point in his career to use all he has learned to become a top Otherside SDK Dev and take you all with him in building up a community with real power (knowledge) of long-term thinkers.

What is Open-Horse?

Open-Horse is a license similar in spirit to Open-Source and CC0, but adds a few additional restrictions to “be cool” that help the products built with it to remain palatable to mainstream businesses and compliant with regulations to ensure its long-term existence. Being cool is defined as:
1. Not using the software/assets to produce hate, racism, or pornography.
2. Not using the software/assets to impersonate other users of the content including the founders of the Ric Rac Equestrian Club and its club members. Derivative collections are encouraged (like Nouns and mfers so long as the derivative works add or change something in some unique way)
3. What is on the Blockchain at mint is the value they provide to holders. Value from future work of the founders goes only to free for all assets, expertise, tools and software. Expect a lot of this stuff from the Ric Rac founders over a long time.
4. In a decentralized way, what is special for holders-only after mint is entirely in the control of the holders and the founders are insignificantly small minority holders influencing this. This requires truly embracing Web3.

The Ric Rac Equestrian Club founders are going to be building and sharing a lot and being super active promoting this community! 100% of those efforts go towards what is free for all, not just holders. Holder-only benefits are those determined by the founders before mint on the blockchain + what they holders determine in a purely decentralized way where the founders are no longer depended on. And while the Ric Rac Equestrian Club founders are pre-funded and not planning on slowing down any time soon, this model helps with other collections who adopt it with less responsible founders that may eventually “rug” their project.

Ric Rac Equestrian Club has invented Open-Horse and is also the genesis implementation of the concept in a collection. We hope others will join us and follow it. Ric Rac Open-Horse NFTs commoditize an ID and metadata pointing to world class art that is unique per NFT and embeds lore and narrative at the time of minting. The continued works of founders after mint is decoupled from the collectible itself. To prove this decoupling, all of the continued works of the Ric Rac founders promote and add value only to what is available for free to the public. This includes producing amazing world class Otherside SDK tools, tutorials and code modules as those capabilities become available from Yuga Labs. Ric Rac founders gain in this too becoming experts on the platform as they learn from their community. The founders stand to gain much more than they contribute in this regard. We are here to learn from you!

What remains for holders is purely decentralized into a DAO that the founders have no control over and are mere small participants. For example, the member-only discord channel is up to the holders to determine what it becomes and how it uniquely gives value to holders over time. While the DAO may choose to use what the founders offer to the community for free to realize their vision, they have no obligation to. This is the spirit of Web3.

About the Ric Rac Equestrian Club

The Club is elite and it only attracts the greatest minds of our generation, all in one place. It’s totally fire.

The Club also contains various factions. Each faction has their own mission and specialization.

The art was a collaboration between contemporary painter Mathias Herkenhoff and the generative coder Geck.eth.