Dailymotion in Critical Condition One Year After Vivendi Acquisition

DM CEO Saada claims in the last 2 years he has cleaned up Dailymotion site. One look at DM and you can see the site has not changed. We can see videos that have been posted up to 3 years ago.

Even with parental controls on, We can see garbage videos with nudity. Not even quality nudity, more splashed around. With bad titles.

Saada and Dailymotion claims they want to build a “quality” and “family” site.

They failed. Plus with the Hack of 85 million accounts. One thing they say is well good thing DM does not keep financial data. LIE, they have financial data on people who upload videos for profit. How can they pay them without financial data???

So complete lie on company to cover themselves

Inaddition to all that. Dailymotion has continued to copyright infringement in Russia. When Russian Media tried to contact DM, they were ignored. Now DM is banned in Russia.

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