Habit Formation Experiment

Month #6 — Week #2 & #3 Update

I’m technically on time for the Week #3 update but late for Week #2.

The last three weeks can be summarized by the infamous phrase coined by The 6 God Drake himself:

“What a time.” -Drake

Initially I wrote a long rundown of success rates but it felt a bit much so here’s a cool chart instead (you can find the detailed breakdown at the bottom):

I tried my best to visualize the data as best as possible and this was my best stab at it. I don’t have experience on that front so if any folks with data science backgrounds can lend some tips that’d be phenomenal.

There are 5 stages in this experiment, broken down by the points where new habits are added. If you’ve read my previous posts about the experiment you’ll know that my goal is to maximize the number of new habits formed while maintaining effectiveness.

I ramped up from 1 habit to 2, then 3, then 5, and now 11. One thing you can tell right off the bat is that with each subsequent phase (outside of phase 3 maybe), the frequency of missed habits increase quite dramatically.

When looking at the differences between each of the phases, it looks like it takes a few months to get accustomed to exercising a certain level of self-control and willpower. For example the fluctuations in Phase Three while adjusting to 4 habits from 2 suddenly flatten out in Phase Four when there’s 6 habits total.

My guess is that for Phase Six from September to October I’ll be able to maintain all of my habits at a consistency like that of Phase Four, the one thing I’m unsure of is whether or not I should add any more habits for Phase Six because jumping from four to six is one thing but if I’m jumping from 11 to 16 habits that’s pretty intense.

</cool charts><emotions>

I think the last three weeks have been probably some of the best days of my life. I managed to sign on two new freelance clients, reconnect with a ton of old friends, courting a few potential clients, and managed to make a lot of headway on my personal and career goals.

The overall sense of peace and calm on my day-to-day psyche has been pretty steady though there have been a few moments of anxiety but those were more related to deadline/assignment based anxieties.

One thing I wish I had done more was write in the last two weeks. With the uptick in results from the new habits, like having to schedule conversations, meetings, commuting, and taking on more assignments and projects, I didn’t get enough solid time to sit down and write from start to finish though I did write in bits and pieces.

I’m very content with where this experiment is headed though my fatigue levels are pretty high (I’m battling a minor cold and sore throat right now too), I think I’m headed on a good course.

I’ll be sure to write an update for week four and a projection for Phase Six next week so the big question will be whether or not to add any more habits for Phase Six.

Success Rates & Days Missed

Daily Meditation

Week #2: 45 day streak ended on 8/13

Week #3: 8 day streak as of today Sunday 8/21

Overall: 146/150 days (97.3%)

Inbox Zero

Week #2 & #3: 111 day streak, one of only two perfect streak habits.

Overall: 111/111 days (100%)

<30 Min. Of Video

Week #2 & #3: 13 day streak broken on 8/19

Overall: 77/79 days (97.4%) (5 skip days, all weekends — will explain below)

Daily Journal

Week #2: 67 day streak, perfect week and perfect streak

Week #3: 2 days missed in a row (8/14 & 8/15), 6 day current streak

Overall: 73/75 days (97.3%)

Morning Daily Hour of Screen Sabbatical

Week #2 & #3: 52 day perfect streak.

Write Everyday

Week #2: 7 day streak broken on 8/13

Week #3: 4 day streak broken on 8/18, 1 successful day, then missed on 8/20

Overall: 46/51 days (90.2%)

Pomodoro Tracking

Week #1: 4/5 days

Week #2: 5/5 days

Week #3: 4/5 days

Overall: 13/15 days (86.7%)

Sleep Schedule

Week #1: 4/5 days

Week #2: 6/5 days

Week #3: 5/5 days

Overall: 15/15 days (100% )

Daily Scheduling

Week #2 & #3: 20 day perfect streak

Overall: 20/20 days (100%)

Before Bed Reading

Week #2: 10 day streak broken on 8/11, 1 successful day, then missed on 8/13

Week #3: 7 day streak

Overall: 18/20 days (90%)

1 Weekly Social Connection

Week #1: 3/1 days

Week #2: 5/1 days

Week #3: 2/1 days

Overall: 10/3 days (333.3%)

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