Moving Forward Yet Again…

As we watch the political processes stumble through the next Presidential selection formalities, absurdity becomes the norm. There are far too many who seem to have virtually no conception of what American values are, and even fewer who represent the body politic.Citizens United” destroyed the last vestiges of representative democracy, and there are now fringe groups who have essentially become the “American Taliban”. These are not the best days of the United States, nor is a positive resolution in the immediate future.

I need not name the specific candidates, but there are some who have now become such an embarrassment to our collective citizenship that many are seeking refuge in distant lands. The most frightening portion of this major malfunction in that far too many people now accept this as ostensibly the “new normal”, eliminating credibility for any challenges to the hypocrisy of this violation of our essential human rights. That frightens me.

For any people to be free, they must first have the educational background to keep up-to-date with political agendas. When the news media has become only an extension of the minority’s ideological premise, how then can real discussion occur to develop informed opinions? If social media and foreign news services are required to find the truth, what is the point of staying in a nation devoid of responsible leadership? Are we expected to swallow these same old lies and accept the hyperbole that has been proven wrong, or must we choose to relocate to nations that still have representative democracies?

The list of potential grievances is so long and cumbersome to elucidate that I will limit them to three fundamental ones that impact all: Universal Health Care; Higher Education; and Over Incarceration. Why is it that what was once considered the best nation on Earth drowns it’s citizens in substandard health care at exorbitant prices? Why are we allowing the small percentage of people who choose to get an advanced education get buried in debt they can not pay off, and are taking on Federally guaranteed loans that are accruing an interest rate 10+ times the Prime Rate? If we are so bloody free, why do we have 2,500,000 people in prison, and another 5,000,000 in jail, on parole, on probation, or otherwise shackled to an incompetent judicial system that is more interested in controlling those who have no say in the political system? This is not justice, nor is it representative of the needs of an informed public. It is a modern version of slavery.

Speaking solely for myself, I am appalled at this contradiction in policies and have chosen to emigrate if this year’s election results in more hypocritical and antithetical results. One of the least favorable candidates has even spoken about building a wall around the United States. The question is not so much about who he wants to keep out, but who he wants to prevent from leaving. Other candidates seem to envision creation of a Christian Taliban, fully in violation of Constitutional guarantees. Some want a serfdom style country that only caters to the upper classes, and the new middle class would earn only a couple dollars per hour more than the slave class. These are beyond my capability to comprehend, and furthermore, look like the prelude to yet another Civil War.

The United States is no longer the bastion of freedom it once was. Almost every positive step from the last two centuries is being challenged by a new totalitarianism based on greed and exclusion. I cannot support this bizarre new ideology, so in both the primary and general elections, I will cast my ballot for Bernie Sanders. He is the only candidate I have any respect for and is far more representative of my political and economic beliefs. Either we are a true democracy, or we are a fascist corporate entity. I can accept the former, and will never tolerate the latter. Make your own choices, but where I choose to live in 2017 depends entirely on how 2016 plays out.