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Being free to believe and practice your faith should not include those cults that deal in hatred, or death, or sacrifices relating to cutting parts off your body like Satanists do, or preaching death to unbelievers like Muslims do. These types of so called “faiths” are not religion. They are evil and cultish.

I say rid America of all hatred and evil believing people of faith. Of course aetheists will try to come back with “then you should also incluse christianity or catholicism”, but no. These faiths preach love, and togetherness, and love of fellow man. It’s part of their teachings. It doesnt matter that somewhere in the world, someone is killing someone else claiming they are christians. Those folks are not doing it right. The bible teaches forgiveness, turning the other cheek, and loving thy neighbor as thyself. As opposed to Muslim faiths that teach “If you are not willing to convert, then the infidel must die”. This we can do without and should be banned immediately.

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