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James Dennis below said, …”trying to explain climate science to climate deniers is like teaching calculus to a dung beetle.”

It’s pretty obvious it’s the other way around. Climate fantasy believers cling to the false data their god Obama shows them through science reported by scientists that tow the climate change line for fear of losing their gravy train grant money.

They falsely print charts like above that try to slip past the public the fact that they make the data from 1800 to 1980 appear to be super accurate and is just as accurate with just as much resolution as the data they obtained with accurate satellites with thermal imaging technology from 1980 forward.

Are they really thinking they are fooling everyone? Certainly not us “Man Made Climate Change Deniers”.

And you merely only have to look at the sad attempt to lump us all into a more general title called “Climate Denier’s” when in fact no one is denying there is a climate. This is a trick from the left to force other uneducated lefty’s of something that doesnt really exist. There is no such thing as a “Climate Denier” since no one is actually denying there is a climate.

No one is denying the climate is doing anything different now than what it’s been doing since earth’s creation.

We only deny man’s buring of coal and fossil fuels created the climate we see today.

Since we do not have the same kind of accurate to within a fraction of 1 degree type data locked up in ice core data like we do CO2 data, we just dont know whether or not the earth was actually already in a warming trend since the last ice age.

You show us data that compares “apples to apples” then I will consider looking at it and judge from that data. But you cant take 19th century CO2 data trapped in ice cores, and try to tie it to very low resolution and low accuracy mercury thermometer data from scant entires in farmer’s almanacs from only a few places on the globe and try to compare it to 20th and 21st century modern temp readings of earth today, and try to falsely assert that Man and only man is responsible for the temperatures happening today. It’s ludicrous at best.

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