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Listen to these alarmists! OMG. And look at the data. It shows a scary climb in the last decade. LOL Of only 1 degree. And we’re only 1 degree above what they claim is what the earth was pre industrial. One degree!!

Wow. Lemme get my sun block.

And look at the chart showing temperature readings just as accurate back in 1900 as it is in 1990. They could not tell within a fraction of a degree what the temperature was before accurate thermal imaging satellites. It’s all falsely drawn as accurate. How could they possibly tell within 1 degree by looking at a murcury thermometer or by farmer’s almanac entries and how did they get global averaged tempratures from around the globe sampled from exactly the same spots they sample now? They didnt have the means, they didnt have the records, they didnt have the accuracy or accurate measurement equipment like they do today.

It’s all bogus. It stuns me as to how these scam artists are duping the american public. Trying to assert that hot air above the country in record heat, is instantly tied to the earth’s actual temperature. As if there is a correlation and as if there have never been hot areas and record temps broken even when we were in a downward trend like in the 40's.

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