No, we don’t believe the machine is as corrupt as you do.
Here are pictures of the radical centrists. Anyone can see how clearly violent they are.
Kady M.

Actually I do believe the “machine” is as corrupt as they do…

My beliefs stem from history…. actually the total recorded history of the world — conquest by the strongest & most evil psychopathic thugs, who enslaved the conquered people & constructed this system and everything in it purely for their own benefit. The same entirely selfish sociopathic “elites” still aspire to run our society for themselves today.

Every war & revolution throughout history has actually been a war between the ruling & the “aspiring to rule” psychopaths.
The ordinary people have never had a say.

Every right, protection and service we the public now have, has been long, hard & bloodily fought for by our ancestors - losing both their liberty & life in the process.

Those rights & resources may have been “God given” to all initially…..but were stolen by other humans prior to our recorded history.

Unfortunately……. this current system is the only “workable” system we have ever known of!

There MAY be a better one but we haven’t conceived it yet!

It certainly won’t be built by another psychopath or two taking power for themselves at the expense of others, as has been attempted in our recent past.

So in the meantime we radical centrists continue to fight for true democracy & a fairer slice of this existing system for all who care to work toward that end.