The corruption starts when the politician allows their influence to alter their priorities from “by the people, for the people”
Let’s expand on that, since my original post was basically a set of one liners, sometimes on topics…
Kady M.

Has our “western” system of Government EVER been “by the people, for the people” though?

Not since the Roman conquest of Europe!
An neither did the Saxons, Vikings or French ever install a Government remotely like this after their conquests of Britain. The earlier Greeks and Egyptians didn’t even have a government like this.

I agree with everything you state — if coming from a belief of a benignly designed and truly democratic Government — but that view is false.

My belief is corruption by the powerful & wealthy is actually “systemic” …as they built this system to their “requirements” in the first place.

Somewhere (around the English civil war period) that Monarchy turned into a Corpocracy…but still those corporations were still run by the descendants of the wealthy conquerors…. and they were still the members of the new parliament, its lawyers, judges and administrators.

Yes ordinary people have made great inroads on turning this tyranny into a fair & democratic system — and the American Independence & its constitution may have been an even great step forward — but even that independence from British corpocracy has been resumed by modern corporations financed exactly by those wealthy previous rulers.

The only time in history that the wealthy did not use their $$ to control politicians was when the wealthy were the politicians!

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