I worry there will be “no problem” with the way things are now no matter how many homeless people…

I agree with you.
Power will be (always has been?) concentrated in the ones who depend the most on the system we have. 
As paying jobs spiral down a diminishing amount of people will (and do) try to grasp even more power, to protect themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Why do you think banks & corporations have lobby groups and fund political aspirations of certain (puppet) people?

90% of people do not understand democracy as it is , so “our” government — or rather the corrupt one we are given a choice in — will be of no use.

Certainly the poor, homeless, malnourished, unhealthy mass has never had much power to begin with! 
So unless the rising unemployed take it by force they will never get it - no matter how many people keep getting shoved into that mass.

Even with a true working democratic government representing the real people wishes, it may be too late to save this current system.

Since western govts gave up the power of money creation aprox. 100 years ago in favour of borrowing it from the financiers through their Federal Reserve… even its attempts to “buy” a way out of this declining employment/wage/income tax spiral by creating “home grown” jobs will eventually fail through lack of capital.

Somewhere along the guessing line, our economic system will collapse — and the greater mass of “have nots” - the 90% - will be left to fend for themselves.