We are foolish enough to “toy” with the A.I’s. When the first A.I manages to realize its existence (or have self-awareness), the first thing it will do is build another.
We are foolish enough to “toy” with the A.I’s.
Elias Eliadis

I believe “life” (and intelligence) is far more special than people who make this statement must believe.

I read this stuff all the time, and honestly AI is completely misnamed.
There is no intelligence there at all.
A program will never become self aware.

AI is merely a tool, a software program, that most people, including many users, do not understand.
It is a process where everything is known by the designer however.

It is just a calculator that iteratively gives a “weight” to a variable, compared to its trained target. It is just an advanced pattern recognition machine.

AI is a wonderful tool, and will help humans enormously in the future— simply because a computer can store & then process masses of data quicker than a human being.

They still could be a danger to us humans though…but that will only come about if a human programmer enables it to do so.

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