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I gave up being an active “liberal” when I realised that only people looking for a quick selfish gain really bother to do the hard physical “work” required to change the world.

Very few who wish for a better world for others will physically work for it or put themselves out — most won’t even attend a meeting or even join a group or party….. let alone create & distribute posters, how to vote cards, policy groups, unions, social or sports clubs, etc

Most people are so lazy that they want someone else to do it all for them…..including delivering a convincing argument of why their view is best and how it can be achieved.

Corruption occurs simply because those out for a selfish gain are all that exist when it comes to “doing stuff” — and therefore getting into a position of power! 
(technically not all, but certainly the majority…therefore any few “good” people are quickly handicapped or disposed of)

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