Do You Still Feel Capitalism Dying?
Joe Brewer

I think 90% of people get your drift…they feel your feelings that this world is pretty messed up…..and rapidly getting worse.
However, no article I have read seems to understand the reason for this problem…. and therefore can never present a workable solution.

The answer does not lie in changing our system to some socialist/communistic type world, getting rid of patriarchy — or even getting rid of capitalism.
All of these have & will always fail if the real problem is never realised.

The answer, simply, is to do what we actually fail to do…..and that is to use democracy exactly as it is supposed to be used.

The problem seems so complex it is never fully understood, therefore no solution quite fits — however that complexity is designed very cleverly by those in control to do just that, to confuse you, I and everyone else.

It is part of the divide & conquer strategy “they” employ.

Ok, I can see the eyes rolling…. another conspiracy nutter here — but there really is no secret conspiracy by “they”.
“They” have no more conspiracy between them than a shared idea of “you help me & I will help you.. get what we want”.

And that is the “secret” most do not get is “they” are simply the “doers”.

They are people who actually spend time and effort, thought & money making the world do what they want.

The other 90% of our population are too lazy, too frightened, too busy, too weak, too insignificant, too unfocussed…. or are just too apathetic to “make the world conform” to their minds image of a good society.

We are ALL far too happy to leave it to someone else to solve the problems & come up with the solution.
That someone else - is the “they”!

The problem is simple — WE, by doing nothing, have abrogated our right to control our civilisation - to “someone else”.

The side effect problem of this is — “they”, the people we have left it to, do NOT think like the other 90% do.

THIS is the simple base problem that ordinary people just do not understand.
Most people assume everyone else thinks just like themselves. 
Most think everyone else has as much heart, care, concern & empathy for others (& society) that they do.

This is absolutely NOT true!
Ask yourself who has the drive & energy to put in all the effort required to control the world?
That’s right — the selfish, the greedy, the power hungry, the dominant — the ones who demand only personal gain.

Who excels at this stuff? — yes the 10% of the population…. the sociopaths, psychopaths & narcissists of this world. 
The Machiavellian types…those with the so called “dark triad” personality traits.

The very people who lack the conscience, lack the empathy, lack the compassion…. and have no concern of tomorrow & no care of yesterday… no concern at all, beyond what they selfishly desire “at this moment”.

They have no need for foresight, no long term views, they don’t care about your lives, nor their offspring's either.

They will gleefully cut down the last tree, kill the last animal or fish the last fish…if it gets them a single ounce of selfish gain. 
They will take control of the last drop of water or the last breath of oxygen, to sell to you at an enormous profit…if you let them.

They love chaos, they thrive in chaos…they create chaos & war… is a tool that allows them to get away with doing these things to you.

Whilst you are worrying about your starving family — they are contriving a plan to steal your food.
Whilst you are worrying about the injured & dying in some petty war — they are planning the next one.
While you are dreaming of peace & neighbourly love — they are sowing the seeds of suspicion and exploiting your fear of the unknown and outward differences .
Consciously poisoning the well of every society, purely to get away with massive personal gains & pleasures.

When the majority realise many people actually think like this, and then actively participate to control politics to keep them OUT of the control— the world may finally become the idyllic one most people wish for.

The answer is to do more than dream & wish. 
The answer is to participate in politics….. with the realisation 10% WILL try to assume to “trick you” & gain control of any situation for purely their own gain.

You need to realise, that for all of recorded history, the majority have been in a unmentioned war for freedom from the original violent physical conquests of these psychopaths 1000’s of years ago.

You were made slaves at the point of a sword…and some of your brave ancestors have been bloodily fighting ever since to throw off the shackles of that imposed slavery.

I don’t mean as soldiers fighting in Govt wars for some vague “nationalistic pride”… I mean the strong individuals and very small groups dotted throughout history, rising from the “bottom” of society, rising from the exploited masses like peasant rebels, like suffrage movement, like workers unions, like coloured rights, like feminists, like the LBGT community, etc, etc.

In a democracy, like the “western world” has achieved, your forefathers have fought for & won the tools to gain a wonderful world…. but you need to understand them and use them properly.

The “Party System” is a pure corruption of that democracy.
A “party’s” members swear allegiance to that party — NOT to you the voter!

Democracy as we have it, is SUPPOSED to allow you to elect one person who best represents your thoughts, hopes & wishes — and take those “majority wishes” of his local & personal community to “the big house” to argue the benefits of those wishes to be incorporated into law… for the betterment of any future society.

NO elected member has society’s answers. 
No elected member is your leader.
No elected member is your ruler.

They are merely YOUR representative.

Get your own ideas, make them known, find an honest, independent person who actually wishes to represent your wishes & views, and very importantly, help them all you can to get elected in YOUR parliament.

If you rely on “someone else” to do the work…they WILL let you down, and you will eventually become their slave.