The Real Story of Automation Beginning with One Simple Chart
Scott Santens

Nice article …. but try to put as much effort into solving the problem of where the money will come from to have a Universal Income - without the Govt having to borrow it of the international banks (in the form of bonds) as they do today.

Money... the 1% financiers have it all — how does your Govt get it off them?

Governments ceased to “make their own money” 100 years ago.
At the moment you & your children go into deeper private debt (+interest) every time the Govt spends money.

That money is paid back by Govt tax on your future wages.
Big business pays but little tax.

Less wages = less tax = greater Govt debt.
Just like you credit card — what happens when your Govt can’t meet even the basic interest payments?

Show me the money!

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