Oh come on — http://fortune.com/2016/09/19/us-gun-ownership/
Stuart Chalmers

So what is your point Stuart?
Even in Australia getting a gun licence is not really hard….and the black market in illegal guns flourishes. In fact it is the criminals that now have the best access to guns — unhindered by the new gun laws, which they ignore anyway.
We had very few “mass shootings” with an automatic weapon over the last 100 years, with all but 1 in the 80’s & 90’s. Most mass shootings are were committed with still legal type guns.

The most interesting part is that — apart from criminal & gang related vendetta’s — all of them were carried out by people with “mental issues”…..and of course these type massacres are still continuing today just with different weapons — 8 with a knife, 5 with a hammer, 9 with a car just this year, etc.

The real problem is a lack of help with mental health issues & societal inequalities.
It’s quite interesting that mass murders in Australia almost started with the closure of our public mental health institutions which thrust patients back out into the community with zero restrictions & almost zero treatment!

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