Yes AI is coming.
Janos Nagy

Very interesting discussion guys, you both have great points…. its a pity more people are not interested in a new and better civilisation.

I’d like to add a few points that complicate this issue:

1) Psychology 
There are ~10% of humans who aspire to assume control of any & every power system/club/group/tool/information, etc, to use purely for their own selfish gain — that is to suck money & power from the masses to themselves (and their corrupt peers) — the psycho/sociopaths & the narcissists.

Being unencumbered by love, empathy, warmth, companionship and morality issues & desires like the rest of us - they can (& do) devote their their entire time & energy to this process - using every devious trick in the book from actual violence & the fear of, to subtle &/or subliminal messages and propaganda to gain, implement and enforce their control over the other 90% of us.

Where we 90% of humans have a large part of our lives devoted to sharing love, warmth & the companionship of other living beings to satisfy us— these people have an empty hole of desire…. one that they try to fill with temporal and carnal pleasures & depravity — sex, drink, drugs, psychological power games & manipulations, etc.

Having no fear of loss of care & feeling by the larger community — they will fearlessly risk life, limb & fortune to gain the biggest reward …… that of being able to do as they wish, totally unopposed and without restriction.

That same lack of fear of losing the respect & companionship of the wider community also leads to the lies, empty promises, conniving, cheating, theft & Machiavellian devices so common to our 10% of so called “leaders” & elite.

2) History
Out total, and seemingly complex, recorded history is much simpler & easier understood when viewed using the above knowledge.

Since at least when the Romans conquered Briton and enslaved the masses at the point of a sword, and certainly when William Duke of Normandy did the same 1000 years later - our entire Western civilisation has been built on a platform of some form of SLAVERY — be it enforced by violence, law or economics enforced by those psycho/sociopaths.

10% of people, the psychopaths, violently & mercilessly took control over the land, lives, dreams & futures of the other 90% of humans.
Ever since then, history has recorded a continuous, serious, and often violent, serious of struggles to regain some level of self determination by the masses, from those conquerors & their descendants and successors.

Unfortunately that resistance, response (& most often sacrifice) and has been inspired, driven & risked by just 1% or so of the most fearless moral, empathetic and socially conscious humans…. with the other 80% happy to just do the best they can to balance life pleasures with survivability itself under whatever conditions are allowed to them at the time.

3) Democracy
The entire point of these struggles have been to affect the balance between god/nature given individual free Will & determination and Tyranny of an other(s).

In the beginning humans were created/placed/evolved/whatever on this earth answering to NO other human being.

No human was master — or slave. (Except to nature & its laws and forces)

No human was above - or beneath — another.

Modern democracy is the direct result of these struggles against the violent tyranny of the past 2000 years — slowly chipping away at the control & slavery of the 10% for self determination of the 100%.

Its fairly safe to assume the following:
Many beings realised these harsh natural laws could be circumvented or at least minimised by co-operation with others — so communities flourished.

The less selfishness and more co-operation led to a better life for ALL the members — so empathy was encouraged and selfishness was discouraged.
The antisocial were ousted & excluded from the group to fight nature alone.

Somewhere along the line someone decided to make themselves “Boss” and demand more reward than the others…. probably by shear physical force &/or cunning.

This has become the new “normal” for ALL of recorded human history.

Modern democracy is(was?) the ability create & direct a community Government by the masses for self determination.

America gained its own new constitution by bloody revolution ~200 years ago… Australia, Canada, etc by referendum of the masses only ~100 years ago.

England still has the weakened version of the original conquerors total enslavement — with the masses winning voting rights only within the last 100 years!

These modern democratic systems were designed to allow the masses to select a representative who will take their fears, concerns and wishes to be heard in a larger debate about which direction to direct a society‘s future, by making community encompassing laws.

The Government was never designed to DIRECT those masses.

WE have forgotten it was designed to be the other way around — WE are supposed to direct the Government!

WE the 90% masses are supposed to direct OUR Government to outlaw & restrict antisocial, immoral and predatory people & corporations from harming our society.

WE have forgotten to do so.

Unfortunately the 10% have also tricked us into relinquishing our new democratic powers by forming the “Party System” in modern politics.

The original modern western democratic systems were designed for electors to elect hundreds of “Independent representatives” to our Government — NOT one or two Parties.

These Parties are designed to control us by disallowing any fair “representation” of the masses — the Party members sign agreements to vote the way the Party management tells them to…. NOT the way their district electors tell them to!

So if you ever vote for one party or the other, yes you get a vote…. but have no further control of your future — you have relinquished it over to that party management consisting of a very small group of people.

Can you understand how even the President of the United States is directed to behave by just a handful of invisible, unelected people of his party’s management?

Real democratic control of a Government in control of a capitalistic system — by the masses for the masses — is the only sustainable basis for any new future.

But this requires much thought & participation by all!