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“The media” — I am referring to the corporate-owned “mainstream” media, the “establishment press” — depends on advertising for its survival, and will not offend its advertisers. Politicians of both ruling parties are big customers of the media during election time, which is why “alternative” or “independent” candidates like Ralph Nader, the Libertarians, and the Greens get so little coverage, and most it negative: they can’t afford to buy influence with big TV ad purchases. Since at least the 1950s, many key media owners, executives, and high-profile reporters have had very close relationships with our intelligence agencies, including Anderson Cooper of CNN (CIA intern) and Bob (“Deep Throat” ) Woodward of the Washington Post (Office of Naval Intelligence). The owners and CEOs of Time Magazine, the Washington Post, CBS and other major news sources had close social and business ties with high officials in our intelligence community, and usually with the Presidents and key leaders of Congress who oversee the CIA and military intelligence. This does not mean they are unprofessional, in fact, their experience and contacts give them a great advantage in their journalism careers. But I suspect they sometimes “neglect” certain facts which might embarrass their friends in government.

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