Over the past 24 months, we monitored the movement of money around the world and ran an experiment based on the principles of fluid dynamics.

Benchmark of our portfolio’s performance versus the SnP
Benchmark of our portfolio’s performance versus the SnP

During the course of the experiment, our portfolio outperformed the SnP by close to 4x ( 61.3% versus 14.87%) with seemingly lower levels of volatility (a standard deviation of 12.30% versus 14.52%).

We were also able to make some really fascinating observations along the way. …

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The range of known cognitive biases


All decisions are inherently emotional. Our lymphatic system is a more ancient and robust system than our logical faculties. Its been shown in studies, conducted by Antonio Damasio in 2000, that patients with damage to the part of the brain that processes emotions have trouble making even the smallest decisions.

Humans are by nature social creatures. Studies show that our brains contain mirror neurons which endows us the ability to empathize with another fellow human being. …

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The trough of sorrow

While I was reading through most of the success stories that were published on IndieHackers.com, it occurred to me that my project GetData.IO really took longer than most others to gain significant traction, a full 5 years actually.

The beginning

I first stumbled upon this project back in December 2012 when I was trying to solve two other problems of my own.

In my first problem, I was trying to identify the best stocks to buy on the Singapore Stock Exchange. While browsing through the stocks listed on their website, I soon realize that most stock exchanges as well as other financial websites gear their data presentation towards quick buy and sell behaviors. If you were looking to get data for granular analysis based on historical company performance as opposed to stock price movements, its like pulling teeth. Even then, important financial data I needed for decision making purposes were spread across multiple websites. …


Gary Teh

Founder and CEO of GetData.IO - Providing simple and affordable data gathering to help people make good decisions

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