Grand Opening Recap & Thoughts

October 12.
A day I will remember forever.

Yesterday, we launch Bayshore Community Church in Santa Clara, California. I slept so hard last night that it felt like I had been hibernating when I woke up. For 7 years, I’ve been dreaming, praying and planning for this special day as a pastor. In those 7 years, there were times when I’d try and run away from this calling but God has a way of making me feel unsettled when I try to avoid the things He has created me to do. And so here we are. We did it. We started a church with some great friends and an awesome team. So here is a recap…both the good and the bad:

  • People who had never been to church before showed up.
  • We had way more babies than expected!
  • Volunteers did whatever it took to make everything happen.
  • We had tech glitches…annoying.
  • Our band ROCKED.
  • We didn’t explain things thoroughly enough from the stage…when to stand, how to give, why to fill out the Connection Card, what to do, where to go, etc.
  • I said #GoHawks in 49er country…I’ll let you determine if this is good or bad.
  • A little boy said this to his parents after church, “Can we come back here tomorrow?” — SO COOL!
  • A 68 year old man joined our Setup Team.
  • We had 4 Apple employees and I made fun of Siri. Oops.
  • I felt extremely discouraged yesterday because I’m a perfectionist.
  • I received so many text messages from friends, family and pastors cheering us on that I wasn’t done responding until 11pm. So much love.
  • Our system to tell parents their baby needed them during service was an epic fail.
  • It was too dark in the adult auditorium.
  • I received an e-mail from someone saying, “I enjoyed today. I like how it’s not overly Jesus holy roller.”
  • 148 people were in attendance on October 12, 2014.

It was a great day. A day to be reminded that our church will never be perfect. A day to be reminded that Jesus is in charge of this thing. A day to be humbled knowing we get to be a part of what God wants to do in the world.

The work has just begun because Sunday is happening in 6 days! And then another 7 days…and another 7 days…

I have to try not to think too much about if people will come back next week. I have to try not to think about all the things we could’ve done better or differently. And instead, be reminded of how good God is and that I’ve done what He has asked me to do — start a church in the Silicon Valley.

Thank you to everyone who showed up. Thank you to the many of you who came in from out of town so we could put you to work. And thank you to the 21 of you who moved to BE the church with me before a church even existed. What a ride!

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