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Our way to help start more churches.

Generosity rocks doesn’t it? That word has been a centerpiece in so much of Bayshore since the idea was first forming. Our launch team has talked about how the only way our church will be generous is if we choose to be generous. In our personal lives and as a church body. I remember feeling this nudge towards giving a certain % of what we received in fundraising to others missions and church plants. I wrestled with it for a while because I was afraid that if I gave away some of what was given, then we wouldn’t have enough to also take care of us.

This is an excerpt from my journal back in March…

“It’s pretty crazy to see how God’s timing works. On Saturday morning, I finally committed to giving a portion of what we receive away to missions/church planting. It was hard to make that decision because I’m afraid I won’t raise enough for us. But God can’t work with a scarcity mentality. He works with generosity and always makes up for the difference.

I came home that day to grab the mail. In it, I find a piece…and I open it and see “13” and am thinking that’s kind of an odd number only to see all the zeros after it. Turns out it was a check for $13,000. I was in awe.”

I’m still in awe. While I have my moments of fearing if we’ll be able to sustain life & a church in the 2nd most expensive region of America, I’ve seen God provide in ways I never could have imagined.

And because of that, we want to #passiton.

Recently, one of our team members (Jordan Mirk) came up with an idea to help us continue to be a generous church. His idea was to ask friends & family to purchase equipment for our church. And for every purchase made, we’ll donate 50% of the amount to another church planter. Cool idea, right?

So I invite you to be generous as we seek to be generous. You can buy all kinds of things at all kinds of different prices. And know you’ll be making an eternal impact by being a part of #passiton.

Here are our Amazon wish lists:
Bayshore Kids Wishlist
Music/Production/Lobby Wishlist

And here’s a video of Jordan explaining the idea in more depth:
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