Tell the Truth, Build Muscle

After a decade of lifting its become increasingly clear that building muscle is a very simple process, telling the truth is hard.

After a decade plus of lifting my workout routines have become increasingly simple and my volume has decreased to the point i only complete one working set per exercise and my total training time per week is around the 60 minute mark.

I moved to London at the start of the year and started my first full time Personal Training business which has been thriving.

The transition from being mostly concerned with my own training to being concerned with clients has been as interesting as it is informative.

Typically my blog has focused on explaining High Intensity training principles to people already acquainted with the gym world.

Explaining HIT properly often requires reeling off a complex series of facts and principles which simply will not penetrate people new to strength training.

In order to become more effective in explaining my role and methodology to potential clients i have had to largely circumvent the details of HIT and take a very different approach to communicating.

Over the last few weeks i have honed my basic pitch and i will outline it below.

My job as a Personal Trainer is to tell the truth.

Most of what in weights rooms is gym users signalling that they are much stronger than they are by deploying loose form to move ever increasing weight without ever stopping to think about what they are trying to achieve.

Human beings haven’t evolved to tell the truth, they love to game, signal feign and often makes things easy (especially in the gym).

It’s very expensive to teach a human to commit to truth telling, but complying with natural law, ; especially in regards to the human body is the keystone to sucess.

My job as a PT is to remove your ability to cheat, signal, and lie about your capabilities.

I establish facts about what you can lift safely and i force you to improve those facts in an objective manner.

How i establish facts is by deploying consistent form and measurement.

Every single repetition is performed with a controlled cadence to maximise stimulation of the muscle and to allow consistent measurement from session to session.

Each working set is taken to form failure or the point where you can no longer lift the weight safely with the desired cadence.

Cadences and training to failure are essential elements in establishing facts about your muscles potential.

Sets taken short of failure don’t provide meaningful information as i am searching for limitations, a biological limit where the muscle cannot lift a weight any further with safe form.

Controlled reps ensure that improvements are measured objectively and not just a product of you swinging a weight faster to appear stronger on paper.

Your reps should be gold standard, slow and controlled, consistent, following an effective range of motion without using any momentum to rob your target muscles of stimulus.

Moving a weight from A to B is not the primary aim of weight training, using weights to overload muscle fibres is the aim and a controlled rep speed will make sure the load is delivered.

Lifting with slow and controlled form will not massage your ego; it will most likely humble you; stay humble.

Adults deals with reality; with facts.

My clients begin their first session discovering their limitations on basic key exercises.

I teach them perfect form, controlled cadences or lifting speeds, i push them until their form breaks down and i record the facts about them.

Looking better boils down to very small point.

Your best body exists as a set of metrics in the future.

Strength training when done properly is the safest and most efficient path to make a body look its best.

Men and Women should all deploy strength training as their primary concern in the gym as it will tone up the girls and muscle up the boys faster than any other training method.

I establish the humble truth about you today and i send on the fastest path to those future metrics.

Every workout is about delivering controlled reps, taking sets to failure and hunting down more reps and deploying heavier weights in hot pursuit of the best version of you.

Objective improvements in repetitions and weight deployed is proof of your workout routines effectiveness.

My role as a Personal Trainer is due diligence; i’ll be on you like a hawk keeping you honest and pushing you to your limit at each workout.

My entire business model exists in the space where you typically choose to stop a set and your actual potential.

My approach is minimalist, the routines are basic, the time it takes to train is very short, but hard work replaces faffing about.

I’m tactical and a taskmaster.

  • Controlled Cadences
  • Effective Form
  • Lifting to failure
  • Basic exercises

Tell the truth, discover the facts and improve the facts.

Telling the truth is all I do.