Men, Please Self-Reflect! (#IWillNotEnable)

I can not recount a single instance throughout my life where I have behaved aggressively toward a woman (or women in general) sexually, nor have I ever viewed women as less than myself (or men in general). With that being said, I have however engaged in private conversations with other men regarding either specific women or women in general in an overtly sexual nature, and for that I am sorry. Amongst many men this is to be accepted as the norm, as just “locker room talk”, “boys just being boys”. Fortunately for me, and the vast majority of men, we outgrow such behaviours. Unfortunately, some men do not, and that’s what I wish to address with this article.

Although I am one who no longer sees the need to discuss women in less then desirable language, I do however see it happen frequently among other men and admittedly, I silently disengage in the conversation or simply walk away when this occurs. I feel that most of us (men) do. We feel that it is easier to ignore the issue at hand, its easier to avoid seeming less “manly” to our peers, it’s easier to allow the behaviour to continue than it is to confront the “alpha males” and their disgusting actions. Plan and simple we choose cowardness over doing the right thing.

The right thing is to confront such behaviour, to engage with those who feel the need to act in such ways that degrade women. Women in our culture and our society need us to do better, we need to stop enabling others to do the wrong thing. We need to be the voice for the voiceless. We need to be partners against such horrid behaviour, we can no longer stand by and allow another generation of boys and young men think it’s okay to objectivize girls and women. We need to be the difference, this is not an issue that can only be addressed by victims, this is an issue that must be address by everyone who wishes equality for all of us, an equality that allows all of us to walk the streets, to work, to worship, to merely exist without the threat of harm or harassment. It is our job to raise the next generation to be more aware, less aggressive, and more sensitive to the rights and liberties of those we call Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend. We can no longer enable, we must be the difference, we must be better! Good men are a silent majority, we can no longer be silent! #IWillNotEnable