My struggles in Media Writing: Interviewing an employee

The most difficult thing I found about today’s assignment was trying to interview somebody who was working. To me, an interview has an important flow. The interviewer asks questions and listens while the interviewee goes into detail about their experiences in whatever the subject is. Unfortantley, when you are trying to interview somebody who is also working and attempting to do her job, it severely disrupts the flow and makes asking detailed questions very difficult. It also makes the interviewee and interviewer uncomfortable because they both have to keep an eye out for customers causing response to be shorter and less thought out because of the chaotic environment. I was able to overcome this by saving my better questions for when it was slower, but overall it was a struggle to get a solid story. The one thing I did like about it though was all these external circumstances. Althought it might have shortned some respones, it also didn’t give the interviewee time to think and answer. This lead to some more raw answers. Other than that, I enjoyed writing the story and learning more about an employee at C Adams Bakery.

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