The Editing Process

Editing is an interesting process. The first time I always go through somebody’s work, I think everything looks good for the most part and there isn’t much to change. Of course, that’s not true.

I have to sit down and read the article at least several times before it comes to me. ‘Oh yeah, that has to go, or that doesn’t make much sense.’ I actually like the editing process a lot. So I’m glad I got to edit Dave Klinger’s work last night, especially since it was about me. It wasn’t easy because I liked a lot of what he was saying, but when I sat down and really looked at it, I noticed there were sentences and ideas that could be shortened or changed.

I haven’t done a lot of editing throughout my years at Marquette. My skills are still growing, which is why I like to edit whenever I can. When I was on the Tribune, reporting and writing were my jobs so self-editing was I did. And that isn’t even close to sitting down and reading somebody’s work that you know nothing about. I think that’s where you can see the true mistakes, confusion and boringness. Hopefully in the future, we can continue to do more editing assignments like this because I really enjoyed the process of this one.