Introducing DiggBot

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Why Build A Bot?

Big Data, Digg Data

The result: 7.5 million articles and videos collected, indexed, clustered, and ranked … every single day.

What Can DiggBot v1 Do?

/digg madness
Gives you live 🏀 scores and news from the NCAA Tournament
Gets a cool, fresh link. Simple.
/digg (keyword)
Search content by keyword
/digg (domain)
See top trending stories for a domain (e.g. “/digg”)
/digg trending
Get a list of stories that are trending on the internet
/digg trending (on/off)
Turn trending alerts on and off (about 3–5 a day)
/digg edition
See the most recent Digg Edition, a curated package of news, videos, and interesting stories.
/digg edition (on/off)
Turn Daily Edition delivery on and off (once a day, in the AM)
/digg fun
Gets you something… fun

Go Ahead, Invite DiggBot To Play!



CEO @Digg

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