A DAOstackathon in NYC

Gareth Mensah
Nov 26, 2018 · 4 min read

DAOstack was in New York to attend the Brooklyn Tech Week happening at the Williamsburg hotel. The event was created to bring and foster discussions around the impact of Big Data, AI, IoT, STEM and blockchain with the goal to understand how technology can be used to create community-oriented urban spaces and egalitarian smart cities. Patrick Rawson, our often traveling and always inspiring marketing chief, represented DAOstack on a How to DAO panel with Luke Duncan from Aragon, Leon from Gnosis and Jim Waugh from Cre8/Bidio.

The DAO stack team then participated in the hackathon at the Bushwick Generator. In the spirit of Decentralizing Brooklyn, lead by Emerick Patterson, owner of the warehouse, and hosted by the awesome and inspiring Arnell Milhouse, founder of CareerDevs Computer Science Academy, as well as his trio of coding ninjas Chris Mikaitis, Jason Wu, and Tim Wheeler, the hackathon gathered an audience of over 80 attendees made up of computer sciences students, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, blockchain hobbyists, and investors. The purpose of the two day event: get the attendees acquainted with the concepts of blockchain, decentralization and DAO within the context of urbanization. The mission: get the attendees to form groups and build DAOs on top of the DAOstack framework.

The 100,000 square feet community-oriented warehouse currently under construction and soon to include creative studios, innovation labs, and community spaces, all to be eventually ran by DAOs, set the theme for the weekend. What are the urban innovations and initiatives that can be created by leveraging the DAOstack Hackers Kit?

With only two days (one evening and one whole day really), six groups formed and out of them, four were able to create and present their very own DAO. What was already an impressive feat, was made even more impressive by the fact that almost none of the audience had prior knowledge or notion of what a DAO was ahead of attending the hackathon. And yet, a couple of presentations later, they were off to the races and able to create their very first DAO.

The winning project was the one and only Bushwick Generator Digital Commune, or less wordy, the Gen Commune. This group of five (Jonathan, Chance, Gina, Gabby, and Francis) a community event DAO to “to vote for anything that might happen at a shared common space, some other examples being what food would be served on a given day, or even what charity funds would be donated to.”

The Gen Commune team!

All participants and attendees were invited to join our Pollinators group, to continue their efforts and their journey into the world of DAOs. As we look back at this event, we are humbled by the enthusiasm and creativity we witnessed: the potential for DAOstack to enable local initiatives and tangible use cases of DAO is limitless. In a future update we will catch up with each of the group and their DAOs, until then, the DAOstackathon team bids you farewell, and see you soon in a hackathon near you!

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Thanks to Pat Rawson.

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