Zilliqa Mainnet Status Update

Gareth Mensah
Aug 14 · 3 min read

Hello All — As many of you may be aware, due to the overwhelming demand for transactions from the launch of the Unstoppable Domains smart contract on Zilliqa’s mainnet on July 9th, we have hit a bottleneck in our current implementation that needs to be fixed. We recommend all smart contract applications (like Unstoppable Domains) to halt transactions until updates have been made to the Zilliqa mainnet.

As we speak, the Zilliqa core tech team is implementing fixes to manage the processing of smart contract transactions more effectively. These solutions, described below, will also ensure that Unstoppable Domains’ smart contracts can easily handle thousands of domain claims per day.

We expect this fix to go live by September 15th. For more details please refer to the technical article.

What Happened?

Unstoppable Domains went live July 9th 2019, and due to the overwhelming demand, the Zilliqa mainnet saw its biggest volume of smart contract transactions. There was a sudden surge in state size, which came to our mainnet much quicker than we expected, resulting in nodes hitting their processing limit before hitting the gas limit. Because different nodes have various processing capacities, they can process different amounts of smart contract transactions. This difference caused nodes to disagree on the next block to be added to the blockchain.

What Now?

September 15th. This is the date when the Zilliqa team aims to have implemented and completed a set of updates to address the issue. First, we are reducing the GasLimit constant to prevent nodes from reaching their individual processing limit, and instead ensuring that all nodes process the same amount of transactions.

Second, we are introducing Scilla’s Inter-Process Communication (IPC). This major update removes the need to invoke the Scilla interpreter binary every time we run a smart contract. By moving the invoking process to the interprocess communication, we greatly reduce the performance overhead.

Additionally, our team is hard at work on an Efficient State Accesses model to create a more accurate and stable measure of gas cost required for smart contract execution. The design and implementation for this model has now been completed, and we now turn our attention to migrating the data and running extensive implementation tests.

Yep, that’s pretty much how the dev team feels.

In a perfect world, innovation is frictionless. In the real world however, the unexpected happens. As we learn from the limits of our design, we improve the network, making it more secure, resilient, and battle tested.

We are well aware that our partners, and in particular Unstoppable Domains, have been directly affected, and we want reassure users and the community that we are addressing this issue and are implementing the most optimal solution for it.

Here’s how you can follow our progress — we would love to have you join our community of technology, financial services, and crypto enthusiasts!

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Thanks to Aparna Narayanan and Han Wen

Gareth Mensah

Written by

Developer Evangelist @ Zilliqa

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