AYWAY PLATFORM: Idea Mining via Time Gravity Wave

I wish to introduce you to the alpha-version of blockchain platform — Aywa, based primarily upon Dash and ShadowCoin projects.

The team has tried to provide a simple process of platform distribution/improvements and have called it IdeaMining, because good ideas and proposals bring their authors daily rewards.

Some screenshots are here: https://github.com/GetAywa/AywaCore

Using hashing algorithms YesPower, Groestl and Keccak ensures the protection from the current threats (ASIC) and adequate performance. This means that ONLY CPU mining is available for for now, as it was at the beginning of the blockchain era.

An improved difficulty adjustment algorithm called Time Gravity Wave provides superblock creation daily at 10:00 PM UTC.

Furthermore you can use instant messaging directly from your wallet. Group channels are primarily intended to be used to discuss proposals within IdeaMining. This makes the proposal and discussion process easy and more decentralized. Refreshingly this project is not having a fund-raiser (ICO, crowdfunding, etc.) though in due course, through community support, it is hoped that missing features, such as voice calls, the ability to bet on sports events (in progress), as well as eliminating any detected bugs will be added.

Please do take a moment to look through the official links as this team is very receptive to advancement of this project through collaboration and community help which of course will be rewarded by token gratuities.


🔶Website: http://www.getaywa.org/

🔶Explorer: http://explorer.getaywa.org/

🔶Discord: https://discord.gg/QVAfCb2

🔶Telegram: https://t.me/getaywa

🔶Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5055991

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