Kick Ass Laser Focus With A Stinging Bee In Your Bonnet

This can be your story.

When Chris Hadfield, awesome Commander of the International Space Station, talks about staying laser-focussed under extreme circumstances, the tales are anecdotal, awe inspiring, scary, and sometimes amusing. They’re stories we can relate to though; perhaps not so life threatening as Commander Hadfield’s but the relevance is there, for those who want to live their dream.

In his best-selling autobiography, ‘An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth’, he tells a story from his early pilot days, flying a jet in tight formation just as a bee enters his visor. To move, even slightly, would mean probable catastrophe for himself and his colleagues, so, he waits, laser-focussed on every manoeuvre, having to stare straight at the little horror just millimetres away. He waits until it’s safe to gain permission to fall back, deal with the creature then resume formation.

It’s not about bees. I love them and we should encourage them in our gardens. Not in a jet pilot’s visor though!

Letting annoying distractions take us off course is not always going to have life and death consequences but it can and will destroy our dreams and everything we hope for.

Deal with distractions swiftly and calmly. Resume your place in your dream formation.

Never let a bee in your bonnet spoil your day!

G.P. Moss

Chris Hadfield

Namaste, everyone, on Earth and elsewhere!

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