The Results Driven Presidency

  • Donald J. Trump has been President of the United States for a Month now and the action has been fast and furious. Nobody has ever seen anything like this before, a full time working President. Trump starts the morning with a tweet that drives the media. Trump then meets the Titans of Industry, Small Business Owners, and Union Leaders to see what needs to be done to get our economy moving again. Meetings with heads of states have taken place with Israel, Britain, Canada and others the apology tour is over America is taking its leadership role back. Then Trump signed executive orders to unfetter us from the bonds of government regulations and protect us from those wishing to infiltrate our country and reign terror. The Democrats don’t know what to do with this kind of President moving 1000 mph they are in disarray and certain establishment Republicans are also uncertain. The 9th Circuit Court the most liberal in the country struck down his temporary travel pause from war torn countries its baseless and a second Executive Order is certainly on the way. The war for the Supreme Court is on the horizon Neil Gorsuch an excellent choice to fill the shoes of the late great Justice Scalia. Gorsuch in 2006 was confirmed by the Senate to the 10th circuit court in a voice vote but now is considered to extreme. The media is filling the airwaves with lies and fake news daily trying to delegitimize the Donald Trump Presidency becoming the defacto opposition party , but unlike other Presidents he fights back knowing the media will never cover him fairly. So much has happened the DOW is up over 2000 pts since Nov 8th we have a new sense pride and accomplishment in our country and this is only the beginning the fight will and must continue to Make America Great Again!!!